r0b1 March 2019 Monthly

Cryptic Characters


I am extremely glad to say that 2019 got underway with a number of standout role possibilities. 

Among them is my 'bad guy' role in an upcoming shoot 'em up film.

An outtake here from a number of wardrobe considerations.


More wardrobe outtakes.

WTF is this gnarly character up to anyways?

Watch this space to find out.


I am rapidly amassing a role catalog of hardened, heartless role types.

I portrayed a tired and jaded journalist for this scene.


'Trucker' looks in on a kindly soul. At first glance, at least. Soon his unpredictable side is revealed.

My kinda stuff =]


Another portrayal of a character who is not all he appears to be. Even this scene is not what it appears.

For now, let's just say this is a project for which I have high hopes.


In the ADR studio prepping top notch sound for the film 'Plasmid'.

Director Roshni Bhatia and 1st AD Andrew Mayne have had eyes and ears for quality from the get go.

Find them on Instagram at @roshnibhatia and @andrewmayne


Props to Andrew Mayne for capturing this shot of me giving it my all during this ADR session.

Like all the characters featured this month, Jim in 'Plasmid' has a presence that belies a deeper truth.

Really excited that Roshni has 'Plasmid' slated for film festivals across the country.


And speaking of film festivals, it looks like my own 'Integrity and Other Lies' 

will have some festival action of its own. Details to follow. (See? That cryptic thing again.)

Here's to a clear-cut and straightforward March =]   Rob

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