r0b1 July 2018 Monthly

Where Forbidding Clouds Lead

I moved to Los Angeles in the mid 1980's to attend Art Center College of Design and from the get-go I've been focused on career goals or creative projects of some sort. Other than during rare visits of family members, hitting the typical tourist spots in the area has never been on my agenda. Now, though, ever interested in capturing interesting photography, I've begun exploring such places. Here I'm at the Hollywood outlook perched atop legendary Muholland Drive.

But on this particular morning (and many mornings lately) the low-lying clouds and fog prevented me from getting the photos I had I mind. So instead of a fairly up close and personal look at the Hollywood sign, we'll just have to settle for these majestic rays of the sun bursting through the mystical clouds in an awe-inspiring light show of sorts.

So I decided to take you along the streets of Hollywood that I walk every single day to share some sights of a very different variety. Construction and reconstruction has been going on in the area for several years and there doesn't look to be any end in sight. The artist in me can't seem to stop seeking out the beauty among the rubble and madness. Like these tarps draped over the iconic Redbury at Hollywood & Vine. Is it just me or does this look like some kind of crazy life-size contemporary art?

Is it just me or do these perfectly symmetrical building blocks create the illusion of being almost lopsided somehow?

Check out my Instagram (scroll down for social media buttons) for a thought-provoking before/after multi-image I put together from this location.

I can't help but read this as more of a heartfelt plea than a conditional statement.

Oh, I did manage to get a pretty decent shot of the Universal side of the Hollywood hill one afternoon.

And, hey... I did manage to get one unique angle of the Hollywood sign that same day. And if you didn't know those inner letters are offset like that, you have just hereby increased your data bank of useless trivia.

Here's to the sun shining on you this July. Within reason, of course =]


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