r0b1 February 2019 Monthly

Up Before Hollywood


I grabbed the camera and just set out to shoot anything and everything I came across during my early morning walk as the sun rose on Hollywood. First to pop up was the iconic Capitol Records building under a little maintenance yet under a rather prominent quarter moon.


Shapes and colors of morning morphed into art by the jellybean windows of our times.


What's amazing about this dirty and forgotten ornate headstone is what it connects to. 

See below.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Literally bathing in the glow of sunrise.


An icon of the booming metropolis these days is the pay-to-ride scooter.

Their neat and orderly lineup can only mean one thing: The day has yet to get rolling.


More vibrant greenery, this time compliments of mother nature and recent LA rains.


More up close and personal with the beauty of nature in the city.


It wouldn't be a month without one of my sunlight photos.

This time morning rays finding their way through a barricade of bamboo.

Here's to going for the light in February =]   Rob

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