r0b1 January 2019 Monthly

Looking To What's Ahead

Happy New Year. I hope it indeed proves to be just that and stays that way =]  As for myself, I have much I am hopeful about based on hard work and effort in 2018.  I do, however, have quite a few unknowns as the year begins which led to this month's 'looking toward' theme.

As 2018 came to a close, I put the finishing touches on an original dramatic script for a pilot aimed at the Netflix-SHO-HBO-series genre.

Will it be aces or left by the wayside? Among the outcomes I am keen to influence in 2019.

So I say in all honesty that I stand quite vulnerable but looking to the light.

Something that regularly captures my attention when out photographing is sunlight peeping through rigid and uninviting places. It speaks to me about keeping the faith.

A similar message of hope is within colorful plants springing up through unforgiving rock.

Just some of the ideas I aim to keep in mind while keeping the focus on what I most desire.

So where is your focus as the new year begins? If it's less than brilliant, I would encourage looking in a different direction.

May you have the 2019 you want =]   Rob

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