r0b1 September 2018 Monthly

Not Your Everyday POV's

Point of view is the foundation of storytelling. And in a month when I'm putting a few short stories of my own out there, I want to also share with you some iconic Hollywood sights and signs seen from unfamiliar points of reference.

After years of walking toward, under, and away from 'The Broadway' sign, I just happened to look up one day as I passed right beneath it. Yes, for the first time somehow. It was a photo I really wanted to capture because - in person at least - you can just feel Old Hollywood still alive and kicking when dwarfed beneath this piece of history.

Regular visitors of this segment may have noticed a different view on this site this month:

The r0b1 Images logo has transformed into r0b1 Media

Quite simply, I am creating the space for motion picture projects to happen. Period.

I'm taking a very organic approach to things and seeing what sprouts up from various projects.

To that point, "Integrity and Other Lies" is among the first shorts I've been inspired to create.

For us locals north of Hollywood Blvd., old architecture like the iconic Franklin Bronson apartment building are a defining sight of the area. On this particular day, however, the brilliant sunlight bouncing off that old plate glass window had me focusing on this rough and unlikely side of the building. Sometimes the simplest things speak volumes.

Similarly, another of my recent inspirations was the very simplistic short titled "Miles".

Quite simply, a slice in time when the destination becomes more important than the journey.

Not to belabor the simplicity thing, but I shot this one with my iPhone on my walk to the gym just before dawn.

Earlier this year during the LA Marathon, instead of focusing only on the runners, much of the time I found myself time pointing the camera toward all the things surrounding them. Like this old mainstay at the corner of Hollywood & Vine.

"The Spark" is one of my recent shorts which really centers around not only Brennon's POV but what he's actually focusing on.

Getting really down under that Broadway sign for the full (albeit skewed) view.

Just to give credit where it is due, this hyper-extreme western view of the Hollywood sign I featured a couple of months ago inspired my whole weird angle theme for September. The more you know, right?

Here's hoping you see a few things in exciting new ways this month =]


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