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r0b1 July 2019 Monthly

Just Outside My Door


Every month I strive to bring something new and original to my monthly page.

Having generally set out to somewhere on the map, I was struck with a brilliant epiphany:

Why not seek out interesting images right in your own back yard?

And so that is exactly what I did. (Except that this one is from the front yard.)


Okay, now this really is the view from the back yard.


Is it disturbing this is the door I exited to take these photos?

Although I did try to make it look ominous, I didn't have to try too hard =]


Another angle from the back yard.

I wish the neighbor's place actually looked this magical all the time. 


I walk over these tree stumps every single day. Or on top of them, more accurately.

Amazing how much beauty a setting sun can add to things.


Front yard again. We've come full circle.


I actually did head out on the town to take pictures one day.

It really got to me on this day that people were everywhere...


but only paying attention to their phones.

The moral of the story is get out and really be present this July.

Of course, if you wanted to like these pics on Instagram first...

=]   Rob

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