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Very Much Behind the Mic Again


If everything goes in spells, then I've been under one lately that I like very much:

the magical world of Voice Over work.

I'd had opportunities to develop V.O.'s for a gamut of applications in recent times.

Though most everything I've been busy with recently is still under development,

what follows will give you a general idea.


Narration is one of my favorite V.O. forms and I've had a couple of those lately.

Here I'm sharing an excerpt of an Old English narration for audio book.

Radio talk show host

I have landed two of those roles this year. Most recently was a news/talk host role for 'The Walk' from AWJJ Films. Featured here is my very unlikely talk show role in 'The Brazilian Connection". Truly, I'm the only friendly voice in this film.

Perfect Bar promo

Food V.O.'s need to sound delicious. Hopefully I hit some those notes here.

Cartoon voices - love 'em

Here I portray stylized versions of both the tortoise and the hare.


Thanks for visiting. And for listening =]

Hope it's a great September for you =]   Rob

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