r0b1 November 2017 Monthly

Capturing the Feeling of Fall

Getting A Different Perspective

I love the change of seasons. I like to really feel the shifts in the air and the shifting vibes of life. So I have taken to the hills surrounding Hollywood in recent weeks to see what I could discover in the way of autumn scenes and colors through the lens. Also a fan of both contrasts and simplicity, one my favorite images of late is this one shot from a barren section of hilltop overlooking downtown Los Angeles.

Finding Vibrance in the Unlikely

Although at first glance this is nothing more than a dead and decaying tree stump, I couldn't help but notice the interconnected root systems that look something akin to jubilant dancing partners.

The colors of the surrounding plant life was something that also drew me in. Despite the central subject, there's a vibrance going on that speaks of life.

This is a scene with a lot to say about our perspective on life and living.

I'm glad I stopped to capture it.

Sometimes the Appeal Is So Strong You Just Click

Could a more iconic image for the holiday season occur in nature than this one?

Well, I suppose it most probably could but there was no indecision about firing off the photos of this scene. Although I'm pretty sure we're not looking at mistletoe here, there is a strong similarity going on. Juxtaposed with the barren fall tree in the background, this is all about the fall and winter time of year.

A little bit to my surprise, this has been one of the more favored of all my images on my recently begun Instagram page which is right here. Please hit the follow button while you're there. I'm really just getting started.

Sometimes You Just Go With Your Gut

What you're looking at in this image is what I saw from within when I looked at this old rusted out lamppost that hasn't been used in ages. It may not look like it at first glance but this is literally the art of photography.

This is another of those contrast things that drew me closer. The old, expired, and abandoned lamppost against the backdrop of evergreen, ever-living boughs was rich with storytelling qualities.

As told in this photography image, the sun was preparing to set soon. The light was hitting everything just as you see it. What wasn't coming across, though, was that warm, red glow that naturally accompanies sunset. So, I took to the Photoshop lab and pulled these qualities out of the raw photo.

For me, photography is about using a set of tools to accurately portray what is going on. I want the viewer to at least have the opportunity to feel what I was feeling when I saw it out in the world.

At the End of the Day, It's About What You Focus On

I'm a huge fan of brilliant sunshiny shots these days and I can't imagine a better image to close with today.

This is the epitome of vibrant life bursting through the fall trees.

It's the promise of the cycle of life repeating again after a period of rest and regeneration.

And, hey, I hope you get some of that yourself throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Thank you for viewing and reading =]  Rob

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