r0b1 December 2018 Monthly

A Cloud Filled Sky

Having received a much needed rain here in L.A. the night before, this was a day of clouds. And not just any clouds. Big fluffy clouds so close it seemed you could touch them.

It was actually the suggestion of my long-time bud JoJo that we head up to the Observatory and capture the day in photos.

Clear blue skies aren't uncommon in L.A. but big looming clouds are kind of rare.

Is it just me or can you hear the theme to 'The Simpsons' right now?

A departure from all of today's moody shots is this really clean capture of one of the arches.

Hollywood and well beyond from Griffith Observatory.

A shout to my pal JoJo for getting this shot.

Hope your holidays are light and fluffy and loom large =]   Rob

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