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r0b1 June 2019 Monthly

A One-of-a-Kind Feature Film Role


I have felt honored to have been chosen as basically 'the bad guy' in 

Trevor Campbell's feature film 'For Your Own Sake'. I portray an escapee

who possesses a multiplex of character twists. My kinda stuff.

Sharing the screen here with accomplished actor Darrell Phillips.


One of the film's more intense moments. A mere hint of the moody and

artful scenes captured throughout this film by DP Connor Heck.


Diversity is one of my great passions when it comes to acting

and this single character has it in spades.


This escapee keeps one household guessing what's next.

Just within frame are fellow cast members Anton Nassif and Margo Quinn.


Margo Quinn portrays a youthful and fearless character who dares to get close.


Another side to this escapee is revealed.


Let's just say this story is jam packed with twists and turns.


Such a great time working with writer/director Trevor Campbell to bring this tale to the screen.

Now go engage in something that captivates you this June =]   Rob

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