r0b1 April 2018 Monthly

Bridges to Clouds

A recent journey just a few miles away to a place from my past not only brought up feelings of nostalgia but made me aware of natural and man-made beauty I have quite simply overlooked all these many years. This was the view to the north of the landmark I describe below.

En route to an audition at my educational stomping ground -- Art Center College of Design -- I was captivated by the beauty of the bridge that leads into Old Town Pasadena. Only God knows how many times I have driven beneath this towering piece of architecture in the last 30 years without so much as a glance over to look at it. I mean really look at it.

It may be a tired and worn out phrase but they literally don't make 'em like this anymore. Imagine an old bridge that has lived through many major earthquakes and still has Old World ornate detail. No need to imagine -- it's right there.

The Old Town Pasadena courthouse just beyond the bridge.

Upon arriving at my Art Center College of Design destination, this is the first view from the hilltop campus.

On the other end of the architectural spectrum is the contemporary design embraced by Art Center within a natural and preserved setting. A white owl once swooped past my head while on campus one night.

Part of the natural landscape in the backyard of Art Center.

Thank you for viewing and enjoy April!

=] Rob

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