About Rob Moore

In front of the camera

It has taken a freaking lifetime but I feel I can at long last own with conviction that in front of the camera is my absolute favorite place to be. Well, behind the mic, too. Basically the art of performance fulfills me like nothing else. I guess sometimes it turns out that what seems like a ridiculous fantasy is the very answer you've been seeking.

A desire to perform has been in my bones since I was a kid creating plays for my family. And when I landed the lead in the high school play, every fiber in my being felt like it was right where it belonged. But as 'practicalities' and 'the smart thing to do' overtook the picture, any thoughts that acting might be a viable route fell completely by the wayside.

In 2018, though, this passion sprung alive from deep within and I set out to just simply get myself performing. I've been busy, too. And truly honored to play some powerful and memorable roles in some well-crafted screenplays. 

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